G1 Aviation


2006 – « Espace Liberté » becomes « G1 Aviation »

Main objective : transform this ex-small-scale limited liability company, in a modern and industrial structure.

G1 Evolution

From « G1 Classique » to « G1 Gélinotte » :

New wings, much lighter, smoother controls, more efficient ailerons, polyesters replaced with epoxies, foldable wings and curved doors fitted as standard (cabin width : 1.22 m).

2008 – G1 Aviation produces a great amphibious, and in 2009, the G1 Agricole.

2010 – Release of the « G1 SPYL ».

After months of research and successful trials by Paul Prudent (in-house test pilot) : removal of the leading edge slats replaced by highly efficient « home-made » vortex generators.

The G1 loses weight and gains 10 to 15 km/h in cruise flight.

Since then more improvements have been made : new throttle, integration of new engines such as the Rotax IS (Injection) followed by the D-Motor which proves highly satisfactory (silent and fuel efficient).

Starting in Rouen, stopping by Avignon, G1 Aviation is now established on the Gap-Tallard airfield.

Along the runway, with large offices and adjacent workshops of over 900 m2, the company is giving itself the means to start a new period of growth.


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