The G1


Easy to handle and with low operating costs, the G1 SPYL-XL OBSERVER is ideal for aerophotogrammetry, remote sensing, area surveillance.

It has the same performances as the G1 SPYL-XL and allows different observation positions:

  • In the cabin on the copilot side, a hatch in the floor
  • under the microlight with a monitor in the cabin

G1 Aviation knows how to adapt to customers’ needs and offers a range of observation equipment ranging from photographic or video systems, both with video monitor and remote control, to an infrared gyrostabilized 360° turret directly controlled from the cabin.

The G1 SPYL OBSERVER can be used for:

  • Vertical and oblique aerial photogrammetry
  • Photogrammetry restitution in 3D, DHX, DWG Autocad or Microstation
  • Mosaic and ortho-images
  • Specialized mapping: forestry, phytosociology and ecology, agricultural, environmental
  • Vertical and oblique aerial digital imaging
  • Thermography and aerial sensing
  • Full digital color monitoring


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