The G1

80% assembled kit


For the passionates who have the time and / or wish to built their own aircraft, G1 Aviation offers the G1 SPYL in an 80% assembled kit.

This kit comprises the fuselage, wings, flaps, ailerons, vertical stabilizer, elevator and horizontal stabilizer assembled and provided by G1 Aviation, along with the parts and assembly instructions.

Remaining jobs:

  • Cabin equipment – wings – ailerons – flaps – rudder – elevator (assembly – tuning -harnesses)
  • Panels and doors attachment
  • Epoxys (wing tips, tail stabilizers tip, karmans wing root, karmans elevator, seat surroundings, vertical stabilizer canal, upper and lower engine cowlings)

A support line with the Technical Department, 3 years manufacturer warranty for the airframe, conditioned by a ground control and an in-flight control done by the Technical Director of G1 Aviation.

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