Retrofit and maintenance

Wish to enhance your G1? G1 Aviation offers:

  • Transformation of the wings with vortex generators and new wing tips

Results in a 6kg weight gain as well as an increase in cruising speed of 10 to 15km/h

  • Windows: oval (280x180mm) or trapezoidal (320x180x135mm)

Improves the lateral and rear visual field for both the pilot and copilot

  • Anti-Tab kit

Anti-Tabs enhance the efficiency of the fins and make the controls smoother

  • Enlarged elevator tips

Enhance the elevator efficiency mainly during the landing flare

  • SKK heat exchanger

Significantly reduces the engine warm up time in winter

Provides excellent in flight temperature regulation around 95°C

  • Aluminium ailerons, flaps and rudder
  • Carbon Kevlar tanks

Lighter, they allow a saving of 2.4kg

  • TRIM indicator on the cockpit panel
  • Window « at the rear of the cabin »

Makes the aircraft frame visible and enables better control of the various connections

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