The G1


The main purpose of the AGRICULTURAL G1 SPYL-XL is aerial spraying.

The tank, located under the aircraft, is easily removable. This allows to restore the basic configuration of the microlight which can then be :

  • Equipped with aerial survey systems (forests, national parcs, road traffic) such as cameras.
  • Keep the passager seat free and allow aerial spraying training.


VNE 200 km/h
Minimum speed 60 km/h
Cruise speed 135/155 km/h

* Unless a specific derogation, the application is no longer used in France.


Presentation of aerial spraying constraints and conditions

Aerial spraying conditions depend on the wind

In general, without any wind:

  • Microlight speed during spraying : 100 to 130 km/h
  • Spraying method : for better results, we recommend Ultra Low Volume (ULV) spraying
  • Volume (ideally) : 5L per hectare
  • Tank capacity : 150L
  • Pressure regulator required

The 150L tank is located at the aircraft’s centre of gravity so it doesn’t alter the balance once the tank is empty, there’s also a drain plug in order to empty and clean the tank.


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